Automation and Communication Technology

Automation is actually a process wherein the repetitive tasks that we do are being done by automated machineries such as robots and computers while communication technology refers to the methods and techniques that we use to send and receive messages across distances.

Automation plays an important role not only in communication technology but also in various fields such as information technology. But the field that benefited most with automation is the communication technology.

With the birth of digital devices communicating to our loved ones has never been so much easier and more convenient. With just a press of a button and a click of a mouse you are now able to communicate with your loved ones instantaneously. Before, in order to send and receive messages to our loved ones, we still need to write a letter and send it through snail mail which actually takes ages to reach the destination.

But now with just less than 5 seconds the message that you are sending will already reach its destination. Thanks to automation and the advancement of communication technology.

Mobile phones are good example when it comes to citing the advantages of communication technology. The mobile phone industry has evolved so much that it now has the 4th generation of cellular technology. This now enables us to communicate with our loved ones using video conferences or video calls.

Another good example is the internet. With the use of computers we are able to send and receive email messages to and from our loved ones.  Communicating over the internet is also one way to reduce the cost of the communication itself.

As compared to long distance telephony, the internet is so much inexpensive therefore making it the most cost-effective means of communication over long distances. The internet can also deliver clearer voice quality as compared to traditional phone lines.