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The world has changed a lot in the last decade and people have improved their living standards as well. The basic reason for this improvement in the last decade is the introduction of new technology. There have been a number of revolutions in new technology over the last decade, and progress is continually being made. Computing has changed as well. Now, users are not always aware of the myriad services they enjoy on a daily basis. They receive services, but they no clear concept of how these services work. They have only a basic idea of the services, but the platform of that service is hidden. Cloud computing is a type of computing in which a user cannot pinpoint the exact physical location of the service provider. They have the ability to access some services and they can utilize them as well, but there would be no chance for them to follow their data through the whole cycle.
Cloud computing utilizes a combination that includes numbers of services to the users. All users can access network storage, software and many other resources, but the exact location of the server and processing is a complete cloud for all these users. They could never guess the exact location of these resources. They get services from the network, but this network is actually a combination of different service providers. The concept of virtualization is also regarded as the same, and it can be considered the next alternative of this style of computing. This alternative concept means that there would be something in particular that is not actually there in a physical way. There is something hidden, which we call virtual.
This is quite relevant to the new style of computing in which users are unable to find the platforms of the services they use. They could be using some advanced networking features like NAS storage, and they would still be unaware about the exact location. This is the new style of technology, and the Internet has played a great role in the improvisation of this new computing style. Users are able to access the servers that provide them services. They are utilizing the services of all those servers, but they are unable to know that if the server is located in their own country or not. People all over the world use computers and they do get in touch over the Internet as well.

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