The Role Of Math In Computer Programming

Mathematics is used everywhere in the world and it is the most used science on Earth at the moment. Fields like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics and many more will make an extensive use of it. Computer engineering also uses math a lot.

Math logic is used in a lot of fields, and that also includes computer programming. When it comes to the Venn diagrams, they are very much useful in understanding how logic works, but they are not only helpful in that regards, as they can be fairly used in computer programming as well. For example, the laws created by De Morgan are vital in having statements involving decisions written and for someone to understand these laws, they will definitely make use of the Venn diagrams.

In computer science, calculations also play a very important role. For example, the text that you are now writing or reading on your computer's screen has been formatted in a certain way. This is definitely something that needs calculations.

For developing graphics, there is a field of mathematics that's used extensively, geometry. For instance, the graphics screen has a lot of similarities with the co-ordinate plane. So just as you will get to see the points in this plane, you will see that the graphics screen will have pixels.

Even though there is a massive number of points that can be observed in any of the bounded parts of the plane and the pixels of the graphics screen are limited, still the techniques of coordinate geometry are successfully employed in order to have different figures drawn on the graphics screen.

Developing software is something that implies a lot of transformations. There are 2 of them which are very popular and they are known as "'pop and push transformations'". In computer programming, there is a lot of use of mathematics by the classical C language. There are a lot of commands in this computer programming language that will make use of math extensively.

Regardless of the field one works in, mathematics are surely there. If understood properly, the productivity of the individual will increase and with that, the success of his company or personal business.

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