Career in Engineering: Petroleum and Computer Science

Engineering is considered the most lucrative career option in today’s world. With the growing technological advancement their demand is also increasing. An engineer researches and puts his knowledge and principles of science and mathematics in order to solve problems and create something new. Two growing branches of this career are a career in petroleum engineering and a career in computer and science engineering.

Career in petroleum engineering
A petroleum engineer has many tasks to perform, like discovery of natural resources, analysis of its characteristics, development of modern machinery for extraction and processing. A petroleum engineer is involved in global oil and natural gas reserves. They are involved in working with the scientists and other members of the team in examining the geological formation and nature of the rock containing the reserve.

There are many people employed mainly in field of oil extraction, gas extraction, professional, scientific services. There are many big oil producing and service companies which appoint them. Oil business is an international market which has always been in demand. Therefore, a career in petroleum engineering is a viable career option.

Career in computer science engineering
Computers are very essential in today’s world. One can see their usage in almost every field. Since there has been a major boom in the information technology, the computer industry has become one of the fastest growing industries and a career option in demand. There is great demand for computer science engineers in order to fulfill the needs like creating new soft wares, faster hardware components, and new communication systems. Computer science engineers put in their intelligence and mathematics in order to design various computers. There are two types of computer science engineers: the ones dealing with computer equipment are called hardware engineer and the ones dealing with computer programmes are called software engineers. They are in huge demand both nationally and internationally. There is a long list of colleges providing this degree like amity school of engineering and technology, Bengal engineering college, co-operative institute of technology, darda engineering college and many more.

Engineering is the fastest growing industry and most preferred career option. Engineering is required in every field. A career in petroleum engineering and computer science engineering is the highest in demand these days with thousands of students enrolling themselves every year in this field. It requires hard work and commitment and the result is worth it.

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