Latest Technology in Computer Hardware- What is Cheapest $30 Computer

Do you know - India has developed the cheapest computer hardware of the world that costs $ 30, which must be given to one million students in 2011, and the price of hardware should be reduced to 20 $ and beyond. What is cheaper computer technology and latest computer? Currently, India's computer with 1 GHz processor, memory, 128MB RAM, 40GB hard drive memory and color-monitor-15 inches is available from HCl for approximately 200 $ .

The cheapest computer is no bigger than a normal laptop, is a unitary system with a touch screen and an integrated key board with 2GB of RAM, wireless connectivity, USB and powered by 2 watts system according. Charging computer through the solar system is being integrated. In efforts to provide high-tech learning, this computer will be useful to students and small business houses who can not afford a computer with high-tech expensive.

In addition to the new computer, a database is created to provide Indian students with useful information that will be available through an inter-institutional.

This computer developed by India would also be considerably cheaper than "$ 100 laptop, lime green computer known as the XO computer for children, which was designed by scientists at the Institute Technology, Massachusetts United States. Some computer experts doubt that a $ 30 computer is not commercially viable. Some say you can not even make a good computer monitor for $ 30. And India is not building hub of computer hardware.

Although half of India's 1.20 billion people are under the age of 25, the country has fallen behind in terms of computer hardware, computer technology and internet facility to its students in 18,000 colleges and 400 universities across India. India has a reputation for creating ultra-cheap technology, for example is set by the Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world at $ 2,000.

A group of engineers from the Indian Institute of Engineering, India have developed cheaper computer this world. The cheapest computer that meets the needs of students and small businesses and industry is developed in the framework of information and communication technologies in the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development.

It uses the Linux operating system and comes with a touch screen. The device can be connected to an external keyboard and monitor and is equipped with Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. The Indian government has given its approval for its one million products. The government has also invited India- Private partnership to produce similar low-cost computers.

The main features of the computer the cheapest $ 30 developed by engineers from the Indian Institute of Engineering, India is also under.
1. Before the computer, the cheapest hardware that could be done was $ 60 to 70, which is now been reduced to $ 30.
2. The hardware is $ 30 and product of the engineers of the Indian Institute of Engineering and received the full support of Indian government; even an order for 1 million was placed.
3. This computer is thin like a box of pencils and as wide and long as a box of Tiffin children in schools and is very mobile.
4. The hardware specifications, it has an interface with touch screen input with a number of buttons for home, power management, selection and expansion, in-built WIFI support wireless internet, it has a VGA camera integrated in the front. It has a USB connection and audio output for connecting different devices with it. It has built in providing battery charging solar energy.
5. The processing speed of this device is suitable because it can run both Linux and OS Goggle Android is free and open source.
6. It is very useful for university students in Normal that can happen to surf the Web and all its features such as mail and video calling etc. It can also help as it can act as an e-book reader for everything there are digital books and study materials.
7.There are some limitations of this device may get better in time, first touch screen devices is not very sensitive to the use, the device lacks processing power to run the right way multimedia materials for students to learn or study purposes, the device may require more storage space because it has a very limited storage unit.
8 But overall for the price it is available; it is a very useful and impressive equipment to use as anyone can now easily afford a computing device at hand.

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