VGA Extender: Helps Place Computers in a Secure Location and Relay Information to Public Places

VGA Extender allows long distance transmission of video signals using category cables. Since cat5/6/5e cables are used, a distance of up to 950 feet can be achieved and use of bulky VGA cables is also eliminated thereby saving space and reducing clutter. For even greater distances, one can use the high end version which relays signals over fiber optic cables. This model operates on single and dual link fiber optic technology. Comprised of two units, a transmitter and a receiver, the former is connected with the source unit and the latter to the display. Once the connections are secured and the unit powered on, the device is ready to be used.  Alternatively known as the vga to cat5 extension device, it works on simple plug and play functionality, is easy to install and does not require any additional software or device drivers for operation.

While maintaining signal strength, the extenders transmit crisp and clear images at a resolution of 1900 x 1200. Sizes range from 2 port to 4 and 8 port devices and some models are also available with optional audio, RS232 and infra red remote control. Offering multi platform support, they are compatible with almost all operating systems and are powered using 12V power supplies. They also have the ability to provide secure access and control of the infrastructure as PCs can be placed in a safe secure environment.

While the VGA extender over CAT5 is the basic model, more advanced models of video extenders are also available. These models are categorized on the basis of signals they support such as the DVI, HDMI, Composite and Component Extender. Wireless extenders are also available which were introduced to eliminate the wired clutter from the tech environments. They are equipped with session security log-in and Wi-Fi WEP protection and allow any desktop or notebook computers with Wi-Fi to access the VGA monitor or projector.

The VGA extension units can work with many video sources with a VGA connection, including PCs, DVD players, VHS, DVRs and so on. Since it can be used in environments where the video inputs need to be sent to multiple remote output devices, the VGA extender finds its use in digital signage applications, educational and commercial establishments, financial institutions etc.