Computer Technology Eases the Life of Students

Computers have drastically changed the way we work, no matter which profession we belong to. It has really upgraded our working style and the role of computers has gained lots of prominence in the recent years. Computers have an important role to play in every Industry like they help in industrial process, find applications in medicine and they are the heart of the software industry. There is diversity in the role of computer in terms of education. Computer technology has impacted education a lot and it contributes a lot in school and college curriculum. One should have the basic knowledge of computer as it is the need of every individual today.

Computers have many advantages in education because it has a high storage capacity, quick information processing and more importantly is environment friendly because  it saves paper.

It also assists a lot in modern system of education. Students can find any information with ease from the internet without going through various books. The days have gone when we used to learn from books. Now aspirants can fulfill their thirst of knowledge through the Internet. It is easier to store information on computers than maintain hand-written notes.

In this era, education is no more confined only to classrooms and online education has really modernized the education industry. Homework and test assignments also can be submitted as soft copies and this gesture, too inevitably saves paper. Electronically erasable memory devices can be used repeatedly and they offer a strong storage of data and reliable data retrieval. The computer technology thus eases the process of learning. Presentation software like PowerPoint and animation software such as Flash could be a great help for the teachers while conveying information. Computers also facilitate in an audio-visual representation of information, thereby making the process of learning interactive and interesting. It also adds a fun component to education.

 A life without computers is miserable. Today, computers are an important tool for every industry and it is no more limited to the software industry. Computer technology is widely used in networking, information access, data storage and the processing of information. Therefore why not introducing computers early in education? A computer plays an important role in one’s personal and professional life and has become the prime thing now days. Computers have also become the source of entertainment. In today’s scenario one has to be Internet savvy even to get a job and employers do not hire people who do not have any knowledge about computers. Education should be with computer knowledge and it is not only meant for students but also for teachers.

Teachers should have a sound knowledge in computer in order to give their students the right guidance. Schools should make available the opportunity of accessing the Internet and the World Wide Web to develop knowledge of high quality. Previously, computer technology in schools was taken as meant for the elite because only they could afford it; but now it has become more of a requirement than a luxury for students. The use of computer applications in schools is mandatory because it helps children equip themselves for a future in the cyber world.