The Everyday Use Of Lasers

When most of us think about the laser measuring tools and other ultrafast lasers that exist today, we tend to think about industry and how they have been able to make use of the laser for various purposes. The fact of the matter is, however, lasers are used for many different reasons and not only those that are in industry. As a matter of fact, you likely use lasers on a daily basis either at home or at work, whether you work in an office or if you work in some type of industrial setting. Here are a few of the more common uses of lasers that you may never consider and how the laser system that you are using on a daily basis enhances your life (Source: Laser System by Coherent).
One of the more common ways that we use lasers is with our computers. Not only are lasers used in the development of computers and the making of many of its components, they are also an important part of the CD reader and writer that you likely use with your computer. In the home, lasers are frequently used when you consider the fact that many of us watch DVD or Blu-Ray movies every week. Of course, that isn’t even to mention the fact that many of the products that we use around the home every day were also developed with the use of laser systems in an industrial setting. So as you can see, lasers are not only for use in major industry, they are also used by us in our households daily.