Web Application Acceleration Solves Sluggish Performance

Web applications are used by enterprise organizations for a variety of purposes such as processing orders, supply chain management, invoicing, customer service and support, and more. By moving to Web-based applications, companies can centralize common processes, increase productivity, boost revenues, and cut costs. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? While Web applications can deliver on these promises, performance isn’t necessarily consistent.
What happens when a Web application performs erratically or slowly? Users avoid using it as much as possible. If its use is required as part of an internal or external process and no other choice is available, users may be forced to suffer through a poorly performing application. When that happens, they become frustrated by sluggish performance and resentful of lost time.
End-user frustration can trickle up through IT departments and senior management. After all, if users don’t adopt the solution, the solution won’t solve the problem it was created to solve. Throwing more money at the problem isn’t appealing either.
Fortunately, Web application acceleration can solve these issues and make a dramatic impact on performance. Numerous Web optimization vendors offer Web application acceleration services (Source: Web Application Acceleration by Aryaka). While you may be concerned about yet another capital expense, you can rest easy because Web application acceleration does not require extensive infrastructure investments. In fact, most WAN optimization vendors operate an application delivery network that optimizes the path that data flows through. Instead of routing network requests and packets over the inherently unreliable public Internet, WAN optimization vendors route them through their own private networks which they control and optimize for performance.
Web application acceleration is typically offered as a service which means you pay to access the provider’s optimized application delivery network and pay for as much capacity as you need each month. Instead of investing in a costly infrastructure upgrade, consider using a hosted application delivery network.