Role Of Computer Memory And DDR Ram In Computer

In the age we are living in, we hardly see any house, office and companies without a computer and electronic devices. Nowadays, busy people carry their computers with them in the forms of laptops, palmtops and the latest tablet PC’s. Computer has such a strong influential power on our daily life and working methods that it is nearly impossible to live without one. It has helped us so much in our daily lives and working methods that whenever there is new upgrading available, we run for it to have it.

Computer storage actually refers to computer memory which is basically an internal storage area that stores the data temporarily or permanently. Memory plays an important part in the performance of your computer, as computer memory makes computer to retain the important information of the user into the computer.

There are many types of computer memories available in the market. The type of the memory and the capability of the memory is what are important in the performance of the computer. The mostly used computer memory is RAM (random access memory) and it is basically responsible for storing and the running the current application on the computer. If you have insufficient or improper memory in your computer then you might face the problems of slow working and even non responsiveness.

Let us come to the types of the computer memory as there are four basic types of it.

Hard Drive
Cache and

Now let us have a brief look at each type of memory.

Hard Drive: the hard drive is the places where the data is stored permanently.

It is measured in the terms of Gigabytes these days.  It usually consists of permanent files, the program files, the Internet files.

Now comes the virtual computer memory it works when the application is too big to run and handled by random access memory (RAM). This virtual memory temporarily stores the data.

The cache memory basically stores the most processed data of the computer. It has got three grades to indicate the levels.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is it most commonly used computer memory. Whenever the request of an application is done on the computer, the processor sends it to the RAM, which then process and writes it back to RAM. The RAM stores the data temporarily and when the program is shut the data is deleted automatically. RAM has many types too such as SDRAM, DDR ram, SIMM, DIMM, SODIMM and DRAM. DDR ram stands for the Double data rates and it is known for the doubling the speed rate of data transfer.  DDR ram is getting very popular these days and being used in almost all new computers. This ram is preferred because of its high performance and consumes only 2.5 volts which is far less than other rams. The new and modified form for this memory is known as the DDR-2 ram which is capable of working at higher frequency or clock rate. New generations of computers are gradually shifting to DDR-2 ram which is really meant for performance.

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