Scope Of Computer Science Engineering In The Future

This is the biggest question in front of everybody now a days while deciding the admission in the Engineering. And we here at The Central Polytechnic Private School of Tunisia will definitely answer this common question.

As we will progress the scope of computer will only increase, there is no change of getting decrease of that. This recession only will come as an advantage for future generations because at the time of recession companies think new technologies as per the need. So it seems that the use of computer is decreasing but in actual practice the use of computers will increase in coming years and recession will play a important role in this scenario.
Being in recession people will come up with cheap software solution for large Industries as well as small scale industry. These demands will make the usage of computer even in the small countries of the world and We will be more self dependent and work towards the progress of Nation.

Computer science and engineering students will learn about basic engineering techniques, as other engineering students, during first year course. These techniques include Engineering Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and Engineering drawing. From second year they are exposed to core computer science subjects like programming, data structures, Digital logic, Theoretical computer science, Algorithms, Computer networks, Operating systems, Web technologies, Databases and Computer Architecture are few to mention.
This is really an excellent field to have opportunities both in software companies and higher studies. As computing is extensively applied to almost every walk of life it created massive jobs for Computer Engineering students. On the same time more demand and application kept it research funding alive attracting many students to opt for higher studies.
There are thousands of multinational and national software companies offer jobs to computer engineers. To name few famous, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco, Infosys, TCS, and Wipro.
The generalized use of computers has increased the demand of computer technician in areas such as finance, energy, medicine, business-management, online libraries, cable television, electronic mail, the new banking systems, traffic control etc.
The most frequent openings are:
Civil Service
Training and Teaching
Freelance Work
Programmer and Analyst
Private Commercial Companies
Private Industrial Companies
Software Production Companies
Technical Consultancy
Computer Auditing
Artificial Intelligence and new Technologies
Analysis, Computer Management and Development Department

In General, These professionals work in all areas of business.
Professional Tasks:
The tasks carried out by computer engineers can be included in two different areas: Analysis and Programming. Some of these tasks would be:
Directing Software and Development teams.
Directing and managing computer projects.
Designing, Managing and Creating computer systems and management tools for companies.
Starting business on the internet.
Designing and managing local, external and internal connection computer networks
Designing and managing computer systems for industrial process control
Running Computer Department
Participating in research groups
Doing Infrastructure maintenance
Designing, selecting and evaluating the logics and computing infrastructure.
Computer applications analysis
Administrating advanced computer systems
Integrating systems
Managing and operating with information
Teaching computer related matter

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